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Professionally Designed Dress Forms

Silhouette Patterns has teamed up with an established and reputable Dress Form company to bring you a product that we are so excited about!

These Dress Forms are ideally suited for every phase of tailoring and dressmaking. Fitting, designing, alterations, remodeling, and draping. Adapted to the standards of the finest dressmakers and Fashion Design departments of leading universities.

These Dress Forms are hand molded with processed paper mache and fiberglass by experienced craftsmen to the exact dimensions and treated for durability. The dress form is then covered with linen and has a layer of fabric padding under it. All of our female dress forms come with collapsible shoulders, making it easy to slip on and off garments. All forms also come with wheels and are height adjustable allowing you to move the form anywhere you want. A right arm is included in this price and is easily tied around the neck. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Some assembly required.


Around the fullest part of the bust.


A fairly snug measurement.


Fullest part 7" to 9" below the waistline.

Back Length

From nape of neck (protruding bone) to waistline.

*Dress Size Bust Waist Hip Back Length
2 32 1/2" 24 1/2" 34 1/2" 15 3/4"
4 33 1/2" 25" 35" 16"
6 34 1/2" 25 1/2" 35 1/2" 16 1/4"
8 35 1/2" 26 1/2" 36 1/2" 16 1/2"
10 36 1/2" 27 1/2" 37 1/2" 16 3/4"
12 38" 29" 39" 17"
14 39 1/2" 30 1/2" 40 1/2" 17 1/4"
16 41" 32" 42" 17 1/2"
18 43 1/2" 34 1/2" 45" 17 3/4"
20 47" 40 1/2" 48" 18"
Recommended with #4200 Princess Sheath Dress, or

with #4218 The Knit Sheath Dress.

Use the chart above to find your Dress Form Size by matching your Bust, Waist, Hip, and Back Length measurements together as best you can. We recommend a smaller dress form in case of weight loss; the dress form can go up in size, but not down. We show techniques for using your dress form on our webcast "The Dress Form", including how to pad the dress form to increase the size. Wheels and a right arm are included with this dress form.

The dress forms come with the measurments as in the chart above. If you have a shorter back length, get a smaller form and pad the form so that the waist is higher. Use the form as a base and then pad up to your size and height. You can shorten the waist length by padding up.

Dress Form
$499.99 Plus $75 S&H (US only) (shipping will be added into price when checking out)
Insurance Included - UPS Only
-International orders wil be charged additional shipping charges upon request.

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