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"Groundhog Day Pack"

These patterns are each a part of the trends for winter/spring and we feel they are "must haves" for February 2017. Each of them will go well with the PoM for February, and will further your wardrobe with these great pairings.

These are comfortable options that should be a part of a great wardrobe this Winter/Spring! To prepare for this spring season of dressing, we have assembled the following group of patterns we call "Groundhog Day Pack!

"Groundhog Day Pack" includes the following 3 patterns:

 - #650 No-Gap Wrap
 - #3100 Laurie's Pants
 - #3300 Lana's Jeans

Get all 3 patterns for $34.99! Starts Today!

"Groundhog Day Pack"
$34.99 plus S&H