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The 2017 Holiday Fun Pack

We really enjoy being able to spend time exploring our sewing options this holiday season. We are thankful that the ideas that were shared to us have been shared to all of you. If you have your own fabulous ideas, we look forward to seeing them come to life!

The Holiday Fun Pack is a group of 3 patterns. The patterns in this group include #231 Catherine's Top for a great use of beautiful buttons, #550 Cowl Neck Blouse, for a dual cowl with crystal trim, and #1950 Max's Jacket for a wonderful winter coat.

Review the webcast "2017 Holiday Dressing" and get some suggestions for potential Holiday outfits that are quick and easy and see what ideas we have to show!

The Holiday Fun Pack is a collection of the following 3 Patterns:

 - #231 Catherine's Top
 - #550 Cowl Neck Blouse
 - #1950 Max's Jacket

Add these 3 beautiful patterns to your collection today for $34.99 plus S&H. Offer expires Friday, December 1st.

The Holiday Fun Pack
$34.99 plus $5 S&H

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