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Pattern of the Month Club 2018!

Join us each month as we feature one of our Silhouette Patterns and explore the options through our webcasts and social media. Subscribe for a limited time to receive Twelve patterns, one for each month of the year!

Each Pattern of the Month is announced at the beginning of the month, if you want a different pattern feel free to substitute it for another (up to three times throughout the year).

Offer Expires Friday December 17th, midnight CST : This year, 2018 will only have a 12-month membership. No 6-month memebership will be offered in June 2018.

Pattern of the Month Club
One Year Subscription
$99.99 plus $11.99 S&H


Note: Up to three pattern substitutions are allowed throughout the year. Each month your pattern will ship 9 days after the Pattern of the Month is announced on the first of the month, to allow time for pattern substitutions. Substitutions will not be accepted after our patterns are shipped, about 10 days after the beginning of each month.



Pattern of the Month Club
New Pattern Every Month!
*The patterns shown above do not necessarily represent upcoming Pattern of the Month selections.

Each month in 2018 we will introduce a classic pattern and explore great alternative style options starting January 2018.

Substitutions: Send an email to before the 7th of each month to request your pattern exchange. PBS exclusive patterns are not available as substitutions.