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"Winter Pant Pack"

These videos and pattern are each a part of the November knowledge drive for 2017. We feel they are "must haves" for 2017 as you learn how to fit and how to conquer your pant fitting issues once and for all.

These dvd's each contain the fitting issues that are most common and will dispell the myth that you must have someone else to fit you. The reality is that you must know the rules and know what you are doing and then fitting becomes fun and simple. To prepare for this year of sewing, we have assembled the following group of products we call "Winter Pant Pack!

"Winter Pant Pack" includes the following 3:

 - Success From the Start
 - Pants Fitting and Drafting
 - #3200 Sally's Pants

Get all 3 -2 DVD's and 1 Pattern for $49.99! Starts Today!

"Winter Pant Pack"
$49.99 plus S&H

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