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Tips for Fusible Interfacing

Cutting and Interfacing Guide

We recommend you use weights instead of pins to secure pattern to fabric. Books are a great substitute if you do not have weights. We recommend that you lay your 60" fusible interfacing out underneath your fabric (NOT LINING) and cut all layers of fabric and interfacing out at the same time. There are several reasons why fusible interfacing is recommended:

1. Fusible knit interfacing is used to decrease wrinkles in certain fabrics.

2. Fusible knit interfacing is used to give extra body and stabilize fashion fabrics.

3. Fusible knit interfacing is used to change the drape of a fabric.

4. If in doubt use fusible knit interfacing -- you will love the finished product!


As soon as you have cut your fabric, go to the ironing board and adhere all interfacing pieces. This will stabilize fabric and prevent stretching. No stay stitching is necessary. No press cloth is needed. You need to preshrink ALL fusible knit interfacing. To do this lay fabric on ironing board with RIGHT SIDE down. Lay interfacing on top of fabric, glue side should be down to WRONG SIDE of fabric. Dampen interfacing with a spray bottle filled with water. (Water contact is all that is necessary to cause interfacing to shrink. You must dampen the interfacing prior to adhesion or else interfacing will shrink after adhesion and cause fabric to bubble.) Set iron for the temperature compatible to the fabric. Starting at one end of the fabric, press for 10 seconds, continue by covering small sections until all areas have been adhered. Then iron the right side of the fabric to be sure interfacing has adhered. (Interfacing WILL shrink a small amount. No need to worry, this WILL NOT affect garment construction.)

If you have any questions please contact us!

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