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#1855 Swing Jacket

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This coat is the best thing to hit the fashion runways! It is dramatic, yet practical, fashionable, yet easy-to-wear. You will look great any place you are going with these simple, sleek lines. The dramatic collar and sleeves are just the right amount to make it unique, yet stylish. There is a beautiful pleat in the back of this coat for a graceful, full hem at the bottom which will give you a very elegant look.

Large simple buttons in the front as this is the perfect compliment on any of your travels where a very versatile coat is needed. And great pockets that are in a parallel line with the french darts of this coat to keep the eye moving vertical. This coat is unlined for very simple construction.

Click image at right to view line drawings and size chart.

$15.99 each
Plus Shipping & Handling

All Sizes Included. Sizes 1-4 & 5w-8w

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