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#612 Joy's Knit Sweater Jacket

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This sweater jacket has been styled to be worn with everything and anything in your closet. It is the perfect topper just when you want a little bit more. French darts in the front give you an option of B, C, or D cup for a perfect fit. The ruffles on the neckline front and sleeves add just a touch of femininity. The fabric requirements on the back of this pattern give you the option of making this jacket in either 1 or 2 different fabric combinations. This pattern is for 1 or 2 way stretch knits and works with all kinds of knit weights. Silk knits, rayon knits, and cotton knits work well.

Click image at right to view line drawings and size chart.

$15.99 each
Plus Shipping & Handling

All Sizes Included. Sizes 1-4 & 5w-8w

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