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fabric_1169 Trench Coat Button Kit-Polyester $49.99
fabric_1230 Beaded Swag Neck Piece $4.99
In Stock
fabric_1241 Crystals, by-the-yard $6.99
fabric_1264 One Inch Black Leather Covered Button $3.99
fabric_1265 7/8 Inch Black Leather Button $3.99
fabric_1399 Black Soutache Cording $1.00
fabric_1400 Sew On Snaps Clear 7mm $3.99
fabric_1404 Black Stretch Denim is 100% cotton $12.22
Sold Out
fabric_1433 Silver Hook And Eye/Black Twill Tape $19.99
fabric_1454 Black Stretch Crepe Back Poly Satin $19.99
fabric_1490 Black,Silver, Gold Neck Piece $6.99
In Stock
fabric_1555 Genuine Horn Black/Brown Buttons $4.99
fabric_1598 Dark Skies 100% Cotton Denim Stretch Woven $12.22
In Stock
fabric_1683 Red Border 4 1/2" Wide Stretch Lace $4.99
fabric_1728 Max Mara Italian 100% Silk Panels $69.98
In Stock
fabric_1730 1 1/8 Inch Silver/Black Metal Button $2.99
In Stock
fabric_1738 White Border 1 1/2" Wide Lace $1.99
fabric_1788 1/2 Inch Black Cube Button $2.99
fabric_1789 1" Wide Leather Trim $12.99
fabric_1816 Rebecca Taylor Window Pane Cotton Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_1818 Black or White Muslin 1-way Stretch Knit $24.99
fabric_1819 Theory Striped Cotton Panel $19.99
In Stock
fabric_1924 Hot Pink Tie Dye Rayon Knit $11.99
In Stock
fabric_1925 Hot Pink Rayon Knit $11.99
fabric_1926 Eggplant Sueded Rayon Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_1940 DKNY Black/Olive Sheer 100% Woven Viscose $10.99
In Stock
fabric_1943 DKNY Plaid 100% Cotton Woven Shirting $7.99
In Stock
fabric_1947 DKNY Black Shimmer 100% Woven Viscose $10.99
In Stock
fabric_1950 1 inch Black Round Button $0.75
fabric_1964 Rag and Bone Navy Reversible Terry Cotton Knit $12.99
Sold Out
fabric_2012 Rag and Bone Mini Plaid Silk/Cotton Woven $12.99
Sold Out
fabric_2025 Rag and Bone Blouse Black Poly Woven $8.99
In Stock
fabric_2026 DKNY Logo Milk White w/ Black Poly Woven $8.99
In Stock
fabric_2027 DKNY Logo Black w/ Milk White Poly Woven $8.99
Sold Out
fabric_2032 Lace and Satin Applique 2-Piece Set $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2047 Navy Viscose Sheer Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2049 Italian Grape Based Viscose Knit $14.99
fabric_2060 Black Base Jewel Tone Neck Piece $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2061 Silver Plastic Cord Stops $3.99
In Stock
fabric_2062 Black Leather Piping $12.99
fabric_2063 The Circle and the Straight Silver Plated Closure $2.99
fabric_2064 Fall Black Shimmer ITY Knit $16.99
Sold Out
fabric_2065 Aspirinpod Heart Aspirin Holder $3.99
fabric_2077 Gun Metal/Crystal/Beaded Neck Piece $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2082 1 7/8 inch Purple/Black Swirl Round Button $2.99
fabric_2083 1 7/8 inch Black Dipped Round Button $2.99
fabric_2084 Faux Black Mink Wrap $39.99
fabric_2095 J Mendel Black With Sequins Cotton/Poly Lace $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2102 Sew-On Faux Pearls $14.99
fabric_2103 Open Link Chains $0.99
fabric_2105 Designer Black Textured Rayon/Poly Woven Microfiber $6.99
Sold Out
fabric_2112 Holiday Animial ITY Knit $10.99
Sold Out
fabric_2113 Hand Made Wood Dual Ended Seam Ripper $49.99
In Stock
fabric_2114 Gray/Cream Juxtaposition Poly Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2118 Black Dual Border 6" Wide Stretch Lace $4.99
In Stock
fabric_2123 Elie Tahari Brown Cotton/Poly Knit $10.99
Sold Out
fabric_2127 Holy Black Poly Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2140 Elie Tahari Sheer with Black 100% Viscose Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2150 Elie Tahari Reversible Charcoal/Gray Terry 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2164 DKNY Black Twill Cotton/Wool Blend Woven $12.99
fabric_2186 Rag and Bone Deep Olive Poly Stretch Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2197 Rag and Bone Black Crepe Poly Stretch Woven $12.99
fabric_2202 Rag and Bone Black Silk Striped Stretch Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2204 DKNY Animal 2 100% Silk Beauty $14.99
fabric_2209 DKNY Tropical Twill Gray Viscose/Poly Stretch Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2213 Coral Beauty Sweater Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2215 Gold Lightning Red ITY Sweater Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2217 Modern Structures ITY Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2218 Black/White Abstract Striped ITY Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2219 Sky Blues Stone Neck Piece $6.99
In Stock
fabric_2222 2 inch Coconut Button $3.99
In Stock
fabric_2227 Rag and Bone Floral 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
fabric_2231 Deep Black Cotton Ponteroma Knit $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2237 Rebecca Taylor Holy Striped Black Poly Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2241 Rebecca Taylor Gray Speckled Acrylic Woven $10.99
In Stock
fabric_2252 Akris 100% Cotton Spring Red/Orange Stretch-Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2267 Rag and Bone Ribbed Leopard 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2271 Rag and Bone 100% Cotton Mid-Blue Stretch Chambray $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2274 Rag and Bone Midnight Black Stars 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2275 Rag and Bone Midnight Black Stars 100% Cotton Knit Coordinate $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2276 DKNY Solid Charcoal Cotton/Poly Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2277 DKNY Striped Black/Charcoal Cotton/Poly Knit $14.99
fabric_2278 DKNY Dual-Faced Black/Gray Textured Cotton/Poly Knit $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2280 DKNY Milky Way Cotton/Poly Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2282 Rag and Bone Sunshine Yellow 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2285 Rag and Bone Sky Blue 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2289 Rag and Bone Ivory Light 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2292 Rag and Bone Tan Beauty 100% Rayon Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2295 Rag and Bone Teal Double Diamond Poly Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2299 Rag and Bone White with Black Embroidery 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2302 Rag and Bone Deep Black Poly Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2303 Rag and Bone Deep Black Cotton Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2304 Rag and Bone Ribbed Black 100% Cotton Knit $11.99
In Stock
fabric_2305 Rag and Bone Sky Black Ribbed Cotton/Silk Knit $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2306 Men's Stone Washed 100% Cotton Long Sleeve Shirt $22.99
fabric_2307 Rag and Bone White/Gray Fleece 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2308 Rag and Bone White/Gray Terry 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2310 Rag and Bone Dark Charcoal 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2311 Rag and Bone Taupe/Charcoal 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
fabric_2313 Rag and Bone White 100% Cotton Woven Shirting $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2316 Rag And Bone White Lightweight Cotton/Poly Stretch-Woven $14.99
fabric_2317 Rag and Bone White with White Embroidery 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2323 Rag and Bone Solid Navy 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2325 The Kai Seam Remover $5.99
fabric_2328 Rag and Bone Dual Layers Plaid/Striped 100% Cotton Woven Shirting $16.99
Sold Out
fabric_2329 Rag and Bone Poly Sheer Print $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2330 Rag and Bone Painted Gray/White 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
fabric_2331 Rag and Bone Spring Floral 100% Cotton Woven Shirting $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2333 Men's Long Sleeve Light Blue Stone Washed Shirt $22.99
fabric_2335 Rag and Bone Deep Olive Tone on Tone Herringbone Silk/poly Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2336 Rag and Bone Black/Pink/Wine 100% Cotton Woven Shirting $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2337 Rag and Bone Deep Wine 100% Cotton Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2338 Rag and Bone Vinyl 100% Poly Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2340 Rebecca Taylor Black/Pink Dotted 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2341 Rebecca Taylor Light Pink Silk/Cotton/Poly Stretch Woven $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2342 Rebecca Taylor Spring Blues/Pink 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2345 Rebecca Taylor Light Pink 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2346 Rebecca Taylor 100% Silk Sheer Spring Floral Pinks/Blues Stretch Woven $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2351 Rebecca Taylor 100% Silk Milk with Blues Floral Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2353 Rebecca Taylor 100% Silk Sheer Navy/Pinks Floral Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2354 Rebecca Taylor Perfect Deep Pink 100% Cotton Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2357 Rebecca Taylor Spring Black Cotton/poly lace with Dual Border Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2358 Rebecca Taylor Spring White 100% Cotton Woven Lace $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2359 Navy Dual Border Cotton/Poly Lace $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2360 Rebecca Taylor White Embroidered 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2364 Rebecca Taylor Spring Navy/Black 100% Cotton Woven Sheer $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2366 Rebecca Taylor Diamond-Quilted Milk-Colored Cotton/poly Stretch Woven $12.22
Sold Out
fabric_2372 Tie Dyed Purple Cotton/Poly Knit $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2378 Solid Pink/Reds 100% Cotton Knit $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2379 Solid Pink/Reds 100% Cotton Knit $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2380 Pineapple Heaven 100% Cotton Knit $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2381 Rebecca Taylor Sweet Yellow 100% Silk Stretch Woven $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2386 Rebecca Taylor Striped Beige/White 100% Cotton Woven $12.22
fabric_2387 Rebecca Taylor Waffle White 100% Cotton Knit $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2396 Elie Tahahi Charcoal Cotton/Poly Ponteroma Knit $12.22
Sold Out
fabric_2403 Derek Lam Black/White Stripped Cotton/poly Knit $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2407 Black White Mesh Poly Knit $12.22
fabric_2410 Rebecca Taylor Sweet Salmon 100% Cotton Stretch Woven $12.22
In Stock
fabric_2413 Derek Lam Brick/White Checked Poly/Cotton Stretch Woven $12.22
fabric_2414 Pure White Cotton/poly Sheer Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2415 Rebecca Taylor Spring Lavender 100% Silk Sheer Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2416 Rebecca Taylor Spring Orange Lazar Floral Rayon Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2417 Rebecca Taylor Spring Navy 100% Linen Sheer Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2419 Rebecca Taylor Khaki Painted Swirled 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
fabric_2420 J Mendel Black Dual Border Cotton/Poly Lace $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2421 Narrow Ribbed White 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2423 Blues Infusion Cotton/poly Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2424 Wide Ribbed White 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2425 Wide Ribbed Deep Pink Cotton/poly Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2426 Black/Cream Linear Dual ITY Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2427 Rag and Bone Striped Navy/White Cotton/poly Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2428 Rebecca Taylor Deep Eggplant Diagonal 100% Silk Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2429 Rag and Bone Khaki 100% Cotton Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2430 Rebecca Taylor Deep Rust Basket Weave 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2431 Rebecca Taylor Wide Striped 100% Linen Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2434 Rag and Bone Navy Diamond Textured Ponteroma Knit $10.99
Sold Out
fabric_2438 Wild Animal Crashed ITY Knit $10.99
Sold Out
fabric_2443 Escada Navy/Pink Spring Swirl 100% Viscose Stretch Woven $24.99
In Stock
fabric_2444 Elie Tahari Medium Gray 100% Cotton Knit $10.99
fabric_2446 Elie Tahari Charcoal 100% Cotton Knit $10.99
In Stock
fabric_2450 Elie Tahari Light Gray French Terry Cotton/poly Knit $10.99
In Stock
fabric_2452 Rebecca Taylor Dotted Blues Silk/Cotton/Poly Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2453 Rebecca Taylor Geo-Collide 100% Rayon Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2454 Black Beauty Laced ITY Knit with Fringe $12.99
Sold Out
fabric_2456 Elie Tahari Black/Blue Striped 100% Cotton Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2457 Elie Tahari Beautiful Blues 100% Linen Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2458 Elie Tahari 100% Cotton Blue Striped Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2461 Elie Tahari Navy Boxed 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2465 Elie Tahari Brick Cotton/Poly Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2466 Elie Tahari 100% Floral Silk Woven $13.99
In Stock
fabric_2467 Elie Tahari Dotted Swiss Spring Leaves 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2469 Elie Tahari Tetris Scuba Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2470 Italian Heavenly Floral 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2471 Italian Brush Strokes 100% Cotton Woven Panel $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2472 Italian Spring Camo 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2473 Elie Tahari White with Black Floral 100% Cotton Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2474 Elie Tahari Black Perfection Poly Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2475 Elie Tahari White with Black Geo 100% Cotton Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2476 Rebecca Taylor Black Laser Floral Rayon Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2477 Elie Tahari White with Black Stripes 100% Cotton Stretch Woven $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2478 Elie Tahari Black Diamond Tipped Jewel Poly Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2481 Ralph Lauren Black Perfection Cotton/Poly Knit $14.99
Sold Out
fabric_2482 Polo Ralph Lauren Multi Colored 100% Cotton Velvet Woven $18.99
In Stock
fabric_2484 Polo Ralph Lauren Jacquard Blues/Silver Poly Woven $18.99
In Stock
fabric_2485 Rebecca Taylor Navy 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2486 Rebecca Taylor Striped Wine/Charcoal 100% Cotton Knit $14.99
In Stock
fabric_2489 Rebecca Taylor Eggplant Ponteroma Knit $14.99
fabric_2490 Rebecca Taylor Eggplant Poly Crepe Stretch Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_717 LuLuSprite Nylon/Spandex Yoga Pant Knit $29.99
In Stock
misc_belt Brown Elastic and Faux Leather Belt $4.99
Sold Out
misc_buddiesbutton Silhouette Buddies Button $0.00
misc_clutch Leather-Like Clutch $29.99
Sold Out
misc_coco Coco Scrub Lavender Soap $4.99
misc_cuffbracelet Labradorite Cuff Bracelet $249.99
In Stock
misc_earrings Dual Pearl/Sterling Silver Drop Earrings $49.99
misc_falllook The Great Fall Look Group $34.99
misc_fernearrings Silver Fern Earrings $59.99
misc_frenchscarf Letol French Scarf $149.99
misc_giftcard Gift Card $25.00
misc_irma Hurricane Irma Donation Drive $5.00
misc_jasmine Jasmine Floral Fizzy Ball $1.99
misc_lavender Lavender Sewing Soap $4.99
misc_metoo1 Me Too Pattern Group $29.99
misc_nyc2020apr New York Fabric Buying Trip - April 2020 $499.00
misc_nycbus2019apr New York Fabric Buying Trip - April 2019 Bus Only $199.00
Sold Out
misc_patternmaking Online Basic Pattern Making Class $299.00
Sold Out
misc_patternmaking2 Online Advanced Pattern Making Class $299.00
misc_pbs12for PBS 100 & 200 Series $74.99
misc_pbs13for PBS 100 & 300 Series $74.99
misc_pbs14for PBS 100 & 400 Series $74.99
misc_pbs23for PBS 200 & 300 Series $74.99
misc_pbs24for PBS 200 & 400 Series $74.99
misc_pbs34for PBS 300 & 400 Series $74.99
misc_pearlbracelet2 Dancing Pearl Bracelet $59.99
In Stock
misc_pearlbracelet3 Pearl Circle Bracelet $49.99
misc_pearlnecklace2 Oceanica Tweeioux Necklace with Pearls and Black Spinel $299.99
misc_pfinstructor1 Pattern Fitting Instructor-Level 1 2019 $895.00
misc_pfinstructor2 Pattern Fitting Instructor-Level 2 2019 $695.00
misc_sage Sage Sewing Soap $4.99
misc_Saturday Newark Airport Marriot Hotel-Saturday Night $170.00
misc_scarf BuckHunger Scarf $34.99
misc_springfling The Spring Fling $29.99
misc_starterpack The Starter Pack $99.99
misc_teabox Meadow Tea Box of 15 sachets $4.99
misc_topsonlineclass Online Tops Fitting Class $99.00
misc_Tuesday Newark Airport Marriot Hotel-Tuesday Night $170.00
misc_vanilla Vanilla Fizzy Ball $1.99
misc_Wednesday Newark Airport Marriot Hotel-Wednesday Night $170.00
misc_winterpantpack Winter Pant Pack $49.99
misc_yogatops Yoga Tops Sale Patterns $34.99
m_bookdtkg Dressed To Kill Gently $19.99
m_embroid1 Embroidery Disc 1 $29.99
m_vid12vvs Little Black Book of Sewing: 12 Volume Video $199.99
m_vidbasic DVD Video - Basic Pattern Making $49.99
m_vidbeginningsewing DVD Video - Beginning Sewing The Silhouette Pattern Way $29.99
m_viddarts DVD Video - Darts Are A Girls' Best Friend $29.99
m_vidfabricwins DVD Video - The Fabric Always Wins $29.99
m_vidfitting DVD Video - Fitting Yourself By Yourself $29.99
m_vidjustjeans DVD Video - Just Jeans $29.99
m_vidleather DVD Video - Leather is for Every Body $29.99
m_vidmuslins DVD Video - Achieving Great Fit Through Muslins $29.99
m_vidmyths DVD Video - 20 Sewing Myths Corrected $29.99
m_vidpants DVD Video - Pants Fitting & Drafting $29.99
m_vidpockets DVD Video - Pocket Perfection Principles $29.99
m_vidpotatoes DVD Video - Playing Potatoes With Patterns $29.99
m_vidsheers DVD Video - Making Beautiful Sheers Simple $29.99
m_vidsilhouetteman DVD Video - The Silhouette Man $29.99
m_vidsleeves What's Up Your Sleeves? $29.99
m_vidsuccess DVD Video - Success From The Start $29.99
m_vidtips1 DVD Video - Factory Tips & Techniques 1 $29.99
m_vidtips2 DVD Video - Factory Tips & Techniques 2 $29.99
m_vidtips3 DVD Video - Factory Tips & Techniques 3 $29.99
m_vidtips4 Factory Tips and Techniques 4 $29.99
m_vidtissue DVD Video - Tissue Issues Made EZ $29.99
m_vidtshirts DVD Video - Terrific T-Shirts $29.99
m_vidyoga DVD Video - Yoga Pants $29.99
n_21zipper 21 Inch Separating Zipper $9.99
n_blackcrystals Black Diamond Crystal Sheet $19.99
n_blacklacetrim Black Lace Trim $1.99
Sold Out
n_chalkwheel Chalk Wheel $3.99
n_clasp Contemporary Clasps $6.95
n_claspc Small Silver Clasp $4.95
n_claspgold Gold Clasp $6.95
n_clasp_bar Brushed Silver Bar $5.95
n_clasp_goldmag Magnetic Gold Closure $5.95
n_clasp_mag Magnetic Silver Closure $5.95
n_cordstops Cord Stops $3.99
n_crystals Crystal Sheet $19.99
n_curvette The Silhouette Curvette $19.99
n_curvetteplus The Curvette Plus $14.99
n_dressform Dress Form $574.99
n_elastic Elastic - 2" wide $0.00
n_elasticb Black Elastic - 2" wide $0.00
n_elasticknit Elastic 1-1/2" wide $0.00
n_elasticw White Elastic - 2" wide $0.00
n_fint Fusible Interfacing $27.50
n_fintb Black Fusible Interfacing $27.50
n_fintw White Fusible Interfacing $27.50
n_firemanclasp Gunmetal Fireman Clasp $5.99
n_foldovertrim Black Elastic Foldover Trim $1.00
n_foldovertrimbs Black with Silver Glitter Elastic Foldover Trim $2.00
n_foldovertrimcamo Camo Colors Elastic Foldover Trim $2.00
n_foldovertrimdenim Navy Denim Elastic Foldover Trim $1.00
n_foldovertrimwg White with Gold Glitter Elastic Foldover Trim $2.00
n_foldovertrimwhite White Elastic Foldover Trim $1.00
n_foldovertrimws White with Silver Glitter Elastic Foldover Trim $2.00
n_frenchcure The French Cure $19.99
n_glassheadpins Red Glass Head Pins-250 Per Box $9.99
n_goldrivets Gold Cone Rivets $9.99
Sold Out
n_hangers Pattern Hangers - 12 Pack $8.99
n_hookclasp Gun Metal Hook Clasp $5.95
n_kaiscissors_10in 10 Inch Kai Sewing Scissors $52.99
n_kaiscissors_12inch Kai 12" Sewing Scissors $79.99
n_kaiscissors_5in 5 1/2 Inch Kai Embroidery Scissors $16.99
n_kaiscissors_5incurved 5 1/2 Inch Kai Embroidery Scissors- Curved Blade $15.99
n_kaiscissors_9in 9 Inch Kai Sewing Scissors $56.99
n_kaiscissors_9inch 9 Inch Kai Sewing Scissors Bent Handle Berry Blade $24.99
n_kaiscissors_9inse 9 Inch Kai Sewing Scissors Serrated Blade $56.99
n_kaiscissors_clippers Kai Nail Clippers Curved Blade $14.99
n_kaiscissors_rotary Kai RS45 Rotary Cutter with extra blade $19.99
n_kaiscissors_threadsnips Kai Thread Snips $9.99
n_kaiscissors_waveblade The Wave Blade $7.99
n_labels Silhouette Pattern Garment Labels $3.99
n_ledlight Adhesive LED Lighting $27.99
Sold Out
n_marker Air Erasable Marker $0.00
n_navyweavebutton Valentino Navy Basket Weave Button $3.99
Sold Out
n_needles Box of 100 Needles $29.99
n_refill Chalk Wheel Refill - pack of 2 $1.99
n_sergerthread Serger Thread 4 Cones $39.99
n_sergerthread5000 Serger Thread 4 Cones - 5000 $19.99
n_shpad Shoulder Pads (Sold in Pairs) $3.99
n_silverrivets Silver Cone Rivets $9.99
Sold Out
n_silverscrew Silver Screw Buttons 3/8"-6 to a set $9.99
n_snaps Set of 4 Snaps $9.99
n_ssnecklace Sterling Silver Chain Necklace $199.99
n_straightrulerset Straight Edge Ruler Set $19.99
n_tailorchalk Tailor's Chalk $3.99
n_tie Tie Interfacing $9.99
n_valentinovbutton Valentino Signature "V" Button $0.00
Sold Out
n_velvetfoldover Black Velvet Foldover Elastic $4.99
n_zipper4inch Zipper - 4 Inch $1.99
n_zippers Zippers $19.99
pbs_065 Mary's Wrap $19.99
pbs_105 De la Renta's Top $19.99
pbs_3413 5-Piece Pocketed Yoga Pant $19.99
pbs_514 4-Way Tank Top $19.99
pbs_517 Monica's Tank Top $19.99
pbs_924 Polo's Best Top $19.99
In Stock
pbs_fit2stitch "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 100 DVD $49.99
pbs_fit2stitch2 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 200 DVD $49.99
pbs_fit2stitch3 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 300 DVD $49.99
pbs_fit2stitch4 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 400 DVD $49.99
pbs_fit2stitch5 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 500 DVD $49.99
pbs_fit2stitch6 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 600 DVD $49.99
pbs_sponsor800 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 800 - The Sponsor $1,499.99
pbs_student800 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 800 - The Student $229.99
pbs_traveler800 "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 800 - The Traveler $529.99
p_010 Hoodie & Top $14.99
p_020 One-Piece Skirt $14.99
p_030 Two-Piece Yoga Pant $14.99
p_040 Lauren's Dress $14.99
p_075 Phillip's Cape $15.99
p_083 Collette's One-Piece Wrap $15.99
p_085 Sweater Wrap $9.99
In Stock
p_095 Brooke's Top $15.99
p_096 Bee J's Cape $15.99
p_098 Fifth Avenue Cape $15.99
p_109 Hoodie & Top $15.99
p_110 Kiana's Top $15.99
p_1100 Ellen's Jacket $15.99
p_112 Kacy's 5-way Top $15.99
p_113 Sunny's Top $15.99
p_114 BP's Dual Zippered Top $15.99
p_115 Ann's Top $15.99
p_116 Chanel's Top $15.99
p_117 The Cut-up Tee $15.99
p_118 Mani's Off-The-Shoulder Top $15.99
p_127 Iakila's Asymmetrical Top $15.99
p_129 Asymmetrical Striped-Front Tie Top $15.99
p_1300 Chris' Jacket $15.99
p_1350 Janie's Jacket $15.99
p_1400 Joan's Jacket $15.99
p_1500 Notched Lapel Jacket $15.99
p_1516 Armani's Unlined Jacket $15.99
p_1600 Betsy's Jacket $15.99
p_1700 Shawl Collar Jacket $15.99
p_175 Valerie's Top $9.99
In Stock
p_1750 Robin's Jacket $15.99
p_1800 Marcia's Jacket $15.99
p_1825 Zoanne's Cape/Coat $15.99
p_1850 Quilted Jacket $15.99
p_1900 4 Button Jacket $15.99
p_1910 Kim's Jacket $15.99
p_1912 Samantha's Double Zipped Collar Jacket $15.99
p_1913 GA's Jacket $15.99
p_1919 Calvin's Jacket $15.99
p_1925 Barbara's Trench $15.99
p_195 Sweater Set $15.99
p_1950 Max's Jacket $15.99
p_1953 Lafayette's Jacket $15.99
p_1954 Mildred's Jacket $15.99
p_1955 Jacket 148 $15.99
p_196 4-Way Cardy $15.99
p_197 Kendosa's Top $15.99
p_200 Kate's Blouse $15.99
p_2009 Vera's Skirt $15.99
p_2010 Three-Piece Yoga Skirt $15.99
p_2017 My Basic Jean Skirt $15.99
p_211 Nina's Top $15.99
p_2112 Stella's Pleated Skirt $9.99
In Stock
p_212 Kors Zippered Top $15.99
p_215 Nicky's Favorite Top $15.99
p_2150 Vertical Broomstick Skirt $9.99
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p_216 Ronen's Asymmetrical Top $15.99
p_217 BCBG's Wrap Top $15.99
p_221 Tahari's Pullover Top $15.99
p_225 Sarah's Top $15.99
p_231 Catherine's Button Sleeve Top $15.99
p_2350 Eileen's Skirt $15.99
p_241 Gucci's Knotted Top $15.99
p_250 Pam's Blouse $15.99
p_2516 Lim's Bias Skirt $15.99
p_2650 Donna's Skirt $15.99
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p_2750 Amy's Skirt $15.99
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p_2850 Michelle's One-Piece Skirt $15.99
p_2910 Michael's Skirt $15.99
p_2913 Nick & Zoe's Best Selling Skirt $15.99
p_2950 Joyce's Almost Bias Skirt $15.99
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p_3000 Pleated Pant $15.99
p_3009 Capri Pant $15.99
p_3011 Nanette's Yoga Pant $15.99
p_3015 Evanlee's Culottes $15.99
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p_3100 Laurie's Pant $15.99
p_312 Giorgio's Top $15.99
p_314 Abbey's Top $15.99
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p_315 BCBG's Top $15.99
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p_3200 Sally's Pant $15.99
p_3218 Camuto's Stretch Woven Pant - $15.99
p_3300 Lana's Jean $15.99
p_3316 Pull-On Skinny Jean $15.99
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p_3400 Three-Piece Yoga Pant $15.99
p_3414 Jag's Woven Yoga Pants $15.99
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p_3418 The Slim 4-Piece Yoga Pant $15.99
p_350 Stephanie's Blouse $15.99
p_3500 Carolyn's Cargo Pant $15.99
p_3516 ET's Skinny Jeans $15.99
p_3600 Ralph's Pant $15.99
p_3719 Jackie's Pant $9.99
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p_4000 Swing Dress $15.99
p_4009 Morocco's Dress $15.99
p_4013 Vince's Dress $15.99
p_4014 Shelly's Dress $15.99
p_4015 Sophia's Dress $15.99
p_4019 Diane's Wrap Dress $15.99
p_412 Beverly's Button-Down Cowl $15.99
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p_418 Fisher's Pleated Blouse $15.99
p_4200 Princess Sheath Dress $15.99
p_4218 The Knit Sheath Dress $15.99
p_425 Craig's Blouse $15.99
p_450 Nancy's Blouse $15.99
p_4509 Run Away Dress $15.99
p_475 Judy's Blouse $15.99
p_5019 Angel's Handbag & Leggings $15.99
p_511 Angie's Top $15.99
p_518 Walter's Front-Tie Blouse $15.99
p_525 Sandy's Blouse $9.99
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p_550 Cowl Neck Blouse $15.99
p_575 Sonya's Blouse $15.99
p_600 Classic Blouse $15.99
p_6013 CJ's Jeans $15.99
p_6016 Tommy's Cargo Shorts $15.99
p_609 Ariel's Blouse $15.99
p_611 Maggie's Blouse $15.99
p_612 Joy's Knit Sweater Jacket $9.99
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p_615 Cathy's Blouse $15.99
p_617 Marc's Twisted Blouse $15.99
p_618 Bailey's Cape-Sleeved Blouse $15.99
p_619 Jessica's Favorite Halter $15.99
p_625 Kaitlynn's Blouse $15.99
p_650 No-Gap Wrap $15.99
p_709 Kelsey's Blouse $10.99
p_725 Jeannie's Blouse $15.99
p_750 Quilted Top $15.99
p_850 No-Gap Vest $15.99
p_875 Alesha's Blouse $15.99
p_900 Carol's Jacket / Top $15.99
p_909 Mareetta's E-Z Jacket $15.99
p_914 Tena's Asymmetrical Jacket $15.99
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p_915 Hugo's Favorite Cardigan $15.99
p_917 Ell's Sport Jacket $15.99
p_919 Boston's Sweater $15.99
p_925 Becky's Jacket $15.99
p_927 Leslie's Bomber Jacket $15.99
workshopjeans_denver Jeans Fitting Workshop / Denver $99.99
workshopjeans_lakeland Jeans Workshop - Lakeland, FL $99.99
workshopjeans_novi Jean Workshop - Novi, Michigan $99.99
workshopjeans_phoenix Jeans Fitting Workshop / Phoenix $99.99
workshopjeans_seattle Jeans Fitting Workshop / Seattle $99.99
workshoptops2_denver Knit Top Workshop / Denver $99.99
workshoptops2_lakeland Knit Top Workshop - Lakeland, FL $99.99
workshoptops2_novi Knit Top Workshop - Novi, MI $99.99
workshoptops2_phoenix Knit Top Workshop / Phoenix $99.99
workshoptops2_seattle Knit Top Workshop / Seattle $99.99
workshoptops_denver Tops Workshop - Denver, CO $99.99
Sold Out
workshoptops2_minneapolis Tops Workshop - Minneapolis, MN $99.99
workshoptops_nashville Tops Workshop - Nashville, TN $99.99
workshoptops_philadelphia Tops Workshop - Philadelphia, PA $99.99
workshoptops_phoenix Tops Workshop - Phoenix, AZ $99.99
Sold Out
workshoptops_reston Tops Workshop - Reston, VA $99.99
workshoptops_sanjose Tops Workshop - San Jose, CA $99.99
Sold Out
workshopyoga_denver Yoga Workshop - Denver, CO $99.99
Sold Out
workshopjeans_minneapolis Jeans Workshop - Minneapolis, MN $99.99
In Stock
workshopyoga_nashville Yoga Workshop - Nashville, TN $99.99
workshopyoga_philadelphia Yoga Workshop - Philadelphia, PA $99.99
workshopyoga_phoenix Yoga Workshop - Phoenix, AZ $99.99
Sold Out
workshopyoga_reston Yoga Workshop - Reston, VA $99.99
workshopyoga_sanjose Yoga Workshop - San Jose, CA $99.99
Sold Out
workshop_boston2019July 2-Day Workshop - Boston, MA 2019 $599.00
workshop_chicagoNov2019 Chicago 2 Day Workshop Nov 2019 $599.00
workshop_dallas2019Nov Dallas Workshop Nov 2019 $599.00
workshop_pinehurst2019 3-Day Workshop - Pinehurst, NC 2019 $795.00
workshop_portlandNov2019 Portland OR 2-day Workshop Nov 2019 $599.00
workshop_rockies 3-Day Workshop - Keystone, CO 2019 $795.00
workshop_sandiego2019 2-Day Workshop - San Diego, CA 2019 $599.00
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fabric_2491 Stars and Stipes Black/Gray ITY Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2494 Circled Panel ITY Knit $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2497 Rebecca Taylor Black/White Basket Weave Cotton/poly Woven $18.99
In Stock
fabric_2499 Polo Ralph Lauren Black/White 100% Cotton Woven $12.99
In Stock
fabric_2500 Ralph Lauren Deep Black Diagonal Twill 100% Cotton Woven $14.99
In Stock
n_template1 Armhole Templates Sizes 1-4 $19.99
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n_template2 Armhole Templates Sizes 5-8W $24.99
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fabric_2501 Black/White Pasley ITY Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2502 Deep Black Rayon Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2503 Black/Red Swirled ITY Knit $9.99
Sold Out
fabric_2504 Deep Navy Rayon Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2505 Double Diamond Blues ITY Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2506 Deep Wedgewood Blues Rayon Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2507 Light Blues Diamond Textured Cotton/Rayon Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2508 Indian Beauty ITY Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2509 Pinked Beauty ITY Knit $9.99
In Stock
fabric_2510 Checked Pinked Beauty ITY Knit $9.99
In Stock

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