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Fabric: 1/4" Wide Silver Snake Chain
Washing Instructions: Cold water wash, low temp dry.
Width: 0"
Approximate Weight (by square yard): 2 oz

Recommended With: #196 4 Way Cardy, #195 Sweater Set or any of our knit tops. Perfect for #65 Mary's Wrap.

Description: #1195 / 1/4" Wide Silver Snake Chain is just amazing. This is great for just spicing up the neck edge, sleeve edges or any place you want a bit of high class "bling". It is best sewn on by hand. There are so many ideas of how to use it and completely washing. Very flexible and twists and turns to form any pattern you want to make. Perfect for adding to embroidery designs and so much more!!

Price: $9.99 per yard

*Quantity must be specified. A quantity of 2 will double the yardage. Quantity is set to 1 by default but be sure to verify at checkout.

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