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Fabric: 7/8 Inch Black Leather Button
Washing Instructions: Cold water wash, low temp dry.
Width: 1"
Approximate Weight (by square yard): 3 oz

Recommended With: #1500 Notched Lapel Jacket.

Description: #1265 / 7/8 Inch Black Leather Button is just beautifully done. This is done by machine so that the edges are just beautiful and perfectly covered. Black leather buttons are real leather and are washable and will look great with many jackets, blouses and great trim ideas. These buttons are sold individually.

Price: $3.99 per yard

*Quantity must be specified. A quantity of 2 will double the yardage. Quantity is set to 1 by default but be sure to verify at checkout.

7/8 Inch Black Leather Button
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