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Fabric: Silhouette Pattern Gray Foam Hanger Cover
Washing Instructions: Cold water wash, low temp dry.
Width: 1"
Approximate Weight (by square yard): 1 oz

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Description: #2720 / Silhouette Pattern Gray Foam Hanger Cover is the best way to hang your beautifully made garments. This hanger cover will keep the items from stretching and pulling on the hanger and keep the closet looking terrific all at the same time. Gray Foam Hanger Covers stay neatly on hangers to help prevent certain types of fashion tops from sliding off of the hangers. Each foam cover slips down through the swivel hooks of any 17 dress hanger and then pulled over the ends of the hanger for a secure fit. One bag has 100 hanger covers for just $14.99

Price: $14.99 per yard

*Quantity must be specified. A quantity of 2 will double the yardage. Quantity is set to 1 by default but be sure to verify at checkout.

Silhouette Pattern Gray Foam Hanger Cover
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