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The Fit 2 Stitch 700 Series - 3 Options!!

We are thrilled to bring you our newest PBS series, Series 700. We are ready to ship this 4-DVD series and this is your chance to place your order for immediate shipment!!

This series title, The Capsule Wardrobe / 9 Pieces, 27 Outfits, explores a great base wardrobe and so many options of those 9 pieces to yield out at least 27 outfits. Great for business, travel, or just efficient living!! We will cover fitting, pattern changes, and so much more!!

The 700 Series will start airing January 2, 2020 on all PBS station across the US.

We thank you for your support. Thank you for supporting "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 700! Every donation you give is tax deductible, (be sure to check with your accountant for exact amounts), and a portion can be deducted off your 2019 taxes. Every dollar donated goes to the production and distribution of Fit 2 Stitch.

When claiming tax donations on your tax return, use IRS issued #83-2825167 for legal authorization of your tax-free donation. Hangin' On By A Thread Productions, production company for Fit 2 Stitch, is a non-profit organization for education. All programs and materials are donated to American Public Television for the sole purpose of education on Public Television stations across the US and Canada.

1. "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 700 DVD + the #120 Patty's Princess Seam Top
13 Episodes on 4 Discs plus the accompany pattern, #120.


Along with the new series, we have a new pattern to offer Viewers!!

This new pattern, #120 Patty's Princess Seam Top, is a perfect top for so many occaisions. The V-Neck, ruffle sleeve and princess seam lines are all designed to help you look your best!! Pattern is available for immediate shipment.

2. "Fit 2 Stitch" #120 Patty's Princess Seam Top Pattern



3. "Fit 2 Stitch" Series 700 DVD
13 Episodes on 4 Discs







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