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"Beckham Blouse Pack"

These 3 patterns are each a part of our Beckham Blouse YouTube video on September 3 for Fall 2020 and we feel they are "must haves" for Fall 2020. We have included these three patterns as "Beckham Blouse Pack" for our YouTube on September 3, 2020.

Such a beautiful, simple, and easy-to-sew blouse that should be a part of a great wardrobe this fall and beyond! To prepare for this fall dressing, we have assembled the following group of patterns we call "Beckham Blouse Pack!

"Beckham Blouse Pack" includes the following 3 patterns:

 - #618 Bailey's Cape-Sleeved Blouse
 - #719 DVF's Blouse
 - #5019 Angel's Handbag and Leggings.

Get all 3 patterns for $34.99! Starts Today! (No substitutions)

"Beckham Blouse Pack"
$34.99 plus S&H

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