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Kai Scissors -

We at Silhouette Patterns have done your scissor homework for you, over the past year we have been using Kai to cut all of our fabric and are so happy to have found them. The reason Kai is our scissor-of-choice is for a few logical reasons:

1. The blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel and tungsten steel for extra long life and they have high cutting efficiency.
2. The blades are fashioned together perfectly for a very powerful cutting force using minimal effort.
3. The angle of the grips are designed for the easiest cutting possible.

These scissors are simply the best on the market!

10" Serrated Blade Sewing Scissors
$52.99 plus $5.50 S&H

9" Sewing Scissors
$56.99 plus $5.50 S&H

9" Serrated Blade Sewing Scissors (shown below) NEW!!
$56.99 plus$5.50 S&H

5 1/2" Embroidery Scissors
$16.99 plus $3.00 S&H

5 1/2" Embroidery Scissors- Curved Blade (shown below) NEW!!
$15.99 plus $3.00 S&H

RS45 Rotary Cutter and Extra Blade (shown below)
$19.99 plus $3.00 S&H

The Wave Blade
$7.99 plus $3.00 S&H

Thread Snips
$10.99 plus $3.00 S&H

12" Sewing Scissors
$79.99 plus $5.50 S&H

9" Bent Blade Berry Color
$24.99 plus $5.50 S&H

Nail Clippers Curved Blade
$14.99 plus $3.00 S&H

Model RS45. The Kai RS-45 Rotary Cutter features a comfortable, soft-grip handle with a pressure-sensitive, 45mm blade and safety lock feature. It also has a universal grip for right or left handed use, as well as an easy change blade system, with no springs or washers to lose. The Kai RS-45 Rotary Cutter is one of the easiest blade change systems on the market. Most brands of rotary blades will fit our Kai rotary cutters.

Model 7230 9 inch Serrated Blade. The Kai Serrated Blade is perfect for light weight sheers for easier gripping of the fabric to prevent slippage on the blade of the scissors.

Model 5135 Curved Blade. The curved blade features makes it a bit safer when cutting close to the seam lines to prevent accidental cutting of the fabric. Best after sewing, embroidery, or anything that you are working close to the surface of the fabric.

The Kai Seam Remover is ideal for cutting away unwanted stitches or threads. Its unique design allows for fear-free un sewing. The guards keeps you and your fabric safe while delivering precise seam removal.

Model 7250 - 10" (25cm) Serrated Blade

Model 7230 - 9" (23cm) Blade

Model 5135 - 5 1/2" (13.5cm) Blade

Thread Clips

Model 7300 - 12" Blade

Model V5230 - 9" Bent Blade Berry Color

Model HC718 - Curved Blade Nail Clipper

Model N5120 - Thread Snippits

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