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PBS Education Special!

Found nowhere else on our site, just through this email.....We are very enthused as we team up with PBS to educate sewers across America.

Our first 4 series, series 100, 200, 300 and 400 are being retired from Public Television. So because they can no longer be viewed on Public Television, we have a special offer on these 4 series. We feel they have a tremendous amount of information.

Series 100-The Basics of Designing, Fitting and Sewing Clothes for Yourself!

Series 200-The World of Thread and Cloth and How to Handle the Journey!

Series 300-The Best Basics Ever and the Importance of Fit!

Series 400- The Places you Go and the Clothes you should wear!

You can make your own sale!! Choose any one Fit 2 Stitch series from above, then choose another and get the second for 50% off:

Series 100 and 200 $74.99 plus S&H
Series 100 and 300 $74.99 plus S&H
Series 100 and 400 $74.99 plus S&H
Series 200 and 300 $74.99 plus S&H
Series 200 and 400 $74.99 plus S&H
Series 300 and 400 $74.99 plus S&H

These series are full of great information. And as always, thanks for your support of Fit 2 Stitch.

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