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Silhouette Patterns Store of Fabrics!

Sally LaPointe fabrics just arrived and avaialable for this Saturday, June 19th! See you then!!

I am proud to open our first retail location of Silhouette Patterns Fashion Fabrics! I would like to thank everyone who has contributed their ideas and have helped make this store possible!

We are small in space, but we are mighty in content. Many years ago I owned a dress line that was marketed throughout the US. At that time I learned the supply chain of fabrics and was excited and frustrated at the same time.

I became excited as I learned how to get great quality fabrics at the lowest possible price, but frustrated realizing I had only been introduced to retail fabrics that had been manufactured to sell in a fabric store having quality that was lower and prices that were higher.

This store is about sharing these great fabrics with all of you, as I know most of you are not aware of the fabric supply chain and are buying lower quality at higher prices. The majority of our fabrics are sourced from Europe so the quality is without question and the prices are extremely affordable.

We are not a fabric store...we are a store of fabrics. Silhouette Patterns Fashion Fabrics is a store of designer fabrics that carry the latest in fashion fabrics. And in fact, some of the fabrics we carry, garments made of those fabrics by the designer, are still in the stores.

Hours: Saturday Noon-5 pm. Address: 7989 Beltline Road, Dallas, TX 75248.

We accept Cash, Master Card, Visa, and Discover as forms of payment.

Visit back after Tuesday of each week to confirm that we will be open the following Saturday. Life does sometimes get in the way of our fabrics!

Phone: 469-859-9782 - I do not answer the phone, but each week, by Thursday, I will have a voice message giving you updates for the following Saturday. I will post updates for you at this page and via phone.

Spring 2021 Silhouette Patterns - Our ideas are inspired by the community, join our Facebook and share your great creations.

Watch for our Silhouette Patterns Signage

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