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Summer Sewing Pack!!

This is the time of year to add fresh, trendy styles and create a fun mix into your base wardrobe. These fun patterns will take you to the many places you wll go this year, looking great everywhere you go!

Starting with the webcast Monday, June 24th, we have covered these great summer styles and variations and get your sewing fresh and simple. Join us with this special pricing to help you look your very best and current with fashion and trends!

This Summer Sewing Pack is a collection of the following 3 Patterns:

 - # 615 Cathy's Blouse
 - #900 Carol's Jacket
 - #5019 Angel's Leggings

Get all 3 Patterns for $29.99 plus S&H. This is a limited offer starting now.


Summer Sewing Pack
$29.99 plus $5 S&H

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