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Quilted Jacket
Reviewed by Gigi Louis

Why did you choose this pattern? I really like jackets with drawstrings (even though I don't always wear them closed) and the style of this pattern really caught my eye.

What fabric did you choose for this pattern and why? I used a beautiful red chenille fabric from Logantex. It's been in my stash for a couple of years and I thought it would make this jacket feel like a big sweater. I am still in search of some cording that will match.

Did you significantly change this pattern for style? I don't like pockets in the hip area so I eliminated them (in-seam) on this pattern. I also skipped the ribbing on the sleeve and made a self-fabric casing with wide elastic.

What Adjustments did you make for fit? I usually make a lot of adjustments in the bust area. However, to be totally fair to Peggy, I followed her directions precisely. I cut out the pattern using my desired finished garment measurements as a guide and selecting the front which corresponded to my bra-cup size. I then tissue-fit the pattern to check bust point location (I had to shorten 1" in upper chest) and waist location (no adjustment needed after I made upper chest adjustment) and shortened accordingly. This also reduced the amount of fabric in the armscye area and brought the underarm curve up for a more flattering line. As you can see from my last photo, fit at the bust was perfect!

Were the instructions clear? The instructions were good provided you had some sewing experience. For instance, there were no diagrams showing how to apply the drawstring casing. No big deal for me, but a beginner might have trouble with that. The one thing that was confusing at times is that the size lines are not marked on the pattern pieces so you have to study each piece to figure out where to cut. There is also no reference to interfacing (I interfaced the front and back facings) probably because this pattern can be used with such a wide variety of fabrics - some requiring interfacing and some not. Again, a sewer with some experience wouldn't have a problem making those decisions on her own.

How do you like the finished garment? I feel that the finished design/fabric combination gave me the comfy sweater look I was after. I emailed Peggy and she indicated that she had even made this style in drapey rayons and sheers - sounds like a plan for my next one. My waistline is a little fluffy so I would probably avoid quilted fabrics.

Do you recommend this pattern? Why or Why not? Yes, I do. If my fabric hadn't been so ravelly and uncooperative, I could have had this finished in an hour or so (excluding fitting). I feel that the pattern is well-cut and would be flattering for a variety of figures.


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