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Clothing Measurements

A very important part of sewing is knowing your clothing measurements! Where and how do you find these? We are here to help!


This chart is fully explained in the webcast Holiday Dressing (Nov. 24, 2014). Please refer to this webcast for complete instructions in completing this form and understanding the importance of these numbers as you sew for yourself and others.

Important Measurements

1. Size of Armhole:

2. Circumference of Sleeve:

3. Width of Back:

4. Width of Shoulder Seams:

5. Cap Height:

6. Bust Circumference:

7. Waist Circumference:

8. Thigh Circumference:

9. Hipline Circumference:

10. Knee Circumference:

11. Hem Circumference:



The row on the following chart reveal important areas to measure. The colums indicate the garment you are measuring, or write in your own.

Print this table!

Measurement \ Garment
(Where Applicable)









Size of Armhole


Circumference of Sleeve


Width of Back


Width of Shoulder Seams


Cap Height


Bust Circumference


Waist Circumference


Thigh Circumference


Hipline Circumference


Knee Circumference


Hem Circumference


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