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The Little Black Book of Sewing

Get all 12 Silhouette videos for one low price. Includes "Fitting Yourself, By Yourself" as well as 11 other educational videos:

Basic Pattern MakingPants Fitting & DraftingSuccess From The StartAchieving Great Fit Through Muslins
20 Pattern & Sewing MythsFactory Tips & Techniques 1Factory Tips & Techniques 2Factory Tips & Techniques 3
Terrific T-ShirtsMaking Beautiful Sheers SimpleYoga PantsFitting Yourself By Yourself

These DVD videos cover all sewing and pattern fitting related issues. Starting from the rules of patterns to the tidbits on how to put garments together more effectively, these DVD's will help you improve your fitting, sewing and comprehension skills as related to sewing and fitting. The french curve is taught, the principles of how to understand draping is demonstrated, and the rules of patterns, which are often not known by the seamstress are included.

This little black book of DVD's will forever change how you look at patterns and sewing and will forever improve your skills and abilities, and most importantly, we have an 800 number for questions and help when you need it. We actually encourage your calls as we know you will have questions and those are the best kind of customers.

The Little Black Book of Sewing.
$199.99 each
S&H $12 DVD Only

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