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Beginning Sewing The Silhouette Pattern Way

This 2 hour DVD teaches the basics of sewing and getting started once you have a sewing machine. The six areas of sewing covered are what sewing supplies do I need? A clear explanation of fabrics, knit vs. woven and includes a burn test of how to determine if your fabric is a natural or synthetic. Fabric care is included, explanation of dry cleaning so you will know what it is and if you want it, as well as tips for placing your hands to get the best seam possible. Pattern terminology is taught so understanding what the pattern is telling you is clear. Tips on cutting your fabric, weights vs. pins, and finishing your garment are all included. This DVD is a must-have for all new sewers and will even be a great addition if you have been sewing for years and these are current methods that will streamline your sewing process.

Beginning Sewing The Silhouette Pattern Way
$29.99 each
Plus Shipping & Handling
DVD Only

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