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The Fabric Always Wins?

So many fabric questions? This DVD has so many answers! This DVD is all about fabrics. The goal is to teach you what I know and make fabric/pattern combinations as fun for you as they are for me. Then you can create the garments of your dreams for all the fabrics you purchase.

First discussion are the most important principles of great fabrics called DIFFBCP. Each of these are discussed and explained so you know how to gather the information you need to make great decisions.

Burning of fabric is also included as well as the different stretch of knits. This DVD will teach you to understand the different kinds of knits and how to adjust your pattern for your fabrics. This DVD is a great resource of contemporary fabrics and a great resource each time you pick up that new fabric and start wondering "What do I want this fabric to be when it grows up?" and now you will know!

The Fabric Always Wins!
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