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Fitting Yourself, By Yourself

Well fitting clothes make us all look taller and thinner. The problem always arises of how do we fit ourselves, by ourselves? Sewing is a solo activity and many times the seamstress finds herself asking anyone who will answer, "can you pin this straight for me?"

This DVD will clearly show you how to identify the wrinkles and then how to go to the tissue pattern and change them to match your size and shape, regardless of what figure flaws you may have. This DVD includes sloping shoulders, bust darts, gapping armholes, sway back, side seams, baggy butts in pants and many more common fitting issues. Not only does it help you identify the problems shown, but gives you the logic to help yourself with all your fitting problems. You will not need anyone except this DVD and your "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall."

$29.99 each
Plus Shipping & Handling
DVD Only

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