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Just Jeans - Designing, Fitting, & Stitching

Choosing and making jeans are a fashion choice for many as our bodies change so much as we gain weight or age or both. Great jeans for all generations are a must have as jeans have become the main stay in all wardrobes. Not one pair of jeans, but dark for dress, light for work and many shades in between, the ability to make our jeans gives us complete freedom to make them our own. Peggy simply makes it simple to cut, sew, and finish, all on this one hour DVD.

"Just Jeans" covers all aspects and questions you have about fitting and sewing your jeans. From choosing, washing, and sewing on denim to thread color, needle selection, pocket placement, felt seams, fly front for both men and women...all jean related concepts are discussed and made simple.

Just Jeans
$29.99 each

Plus Shipping & Handling
DVD Only

As Seen On: "Jeans Update"

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