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Playing Potatoes With Patterns

This DVD will give you the technical understanding of mixing pattern parts. It includes clear understanding of interchanging necklines and collars, armholes and sleeves, and different pant legs and waistline finishes. We cover knit tops, blouses, skirts, pants, jackets, and dresses. This technical information will allow you to develop and create many different looks and allow you to become the designer you dream to be. This information will also allow each pattern you purchase to give you great use and greater value for the dollar spent as you minimize the number of patterns necessary to obtain your goal.

Understanding the patterns will give you a great joy in your sewing. Your ability to understand the patterns and how they work together will also decrease the time spent getting your projects finished. We at Silhouette Patterns truly wish you Happy Sewing.

Playing Potatoes With Patterns
$29.99 each
Plus Shipping & Handling
DVD Only

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