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What's Up Your Sleeves?

So many questions? This DVD has all the answers! This DVD is all about sleeves. The goal is to teach you what I know and make sleeves for you as simple as they are for me. Then you can create the sleeves of your dreams for all the garments you make. Have your tools and your rules and you're FREE!

First discussion is the armhole/sleeve relationship using the french curve. Then different types of sleeves are made such as the t-shirt, blouse, two-piece, raglan, kimono and then changes to those sleeves are shown such as the puff sleeve, cap sleeve, bell sleeve and much more.

Sewing in of your sleeves is also included, both a simple blouse sleeve and also a jacket sleeve and how to ease in that two-piece jacket sleeve so that it is perfect every time. This DVD will teach you that sleeves are simple once you understand them and a great resource for any time you want to change up your sleeve!

What's Up Your Sleeves?
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