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Tissue Issues Made EZ

It has often been said that when you teach, you learn. While we have learned much, what we love about teaching is learning what about what our customers need to know. We have learned that many of our customers do not understand how to effectively change the tissue during alterations. Hence our newest DVD... "Tissue Issues Made EZ"!

Tissue Issues Made EZ: This DVD covers over 20 fitting issues, how to resolve them and how to change the tissue to make sure you get the correct change. Such common problems as rounded back, sloped shoulders, protruding tummy, flat butt, large bust, narrow shoulders, and more are in this DVD and you will learn how easy it is to fix and change the tissue accordingly.

Our DVDs add a dimension of learning that complements our webcasts. The superior quality gives us the ability to show more detail and up-close shots. 

Click HERE to see an excerpt of this DVD.

Tissue Issues Made EZ
$29.99 each

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DVD Only
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