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#313 Terri's Shawl Collar V-Neck

This pattern is part of our Fit-2-Stitch Donation Drive.

$30.00 for this pattern plus #145 St. John's Top.
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This pattern is such a beautiful addition to any wardrobe. This pattern is a shawl collar that is thin enough to be worn under any other garment or stand alone. The center front seam allows for that great V-neck that is very flattering and easy to make with a front facing to finish off the neckline. This pattern also includes options of B, C, and D cup fronts and current methods of construction. Very nice and very flattering!

All Sizes Included. Sizes 1-4 & 5w-8w.

Click image at right to view line drawings and size chart.

$30.00 each.
Plus Shipping & Handling

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