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#612 Joy's Knit Sweater Jacket

This sweater jacket has been styled to be worn with everything and anything in your closet. It is the perfect topper just when you want a little bit more. French darts in the front give you an option of B, C, or D cup for a perfect fit. The ruffles on the neckline front and sleeves add just a touch of femininity. The fabric requirements on the back of this pattern give you the option of making this jacket in either 1 or 2 different fabric combinations. This pattern is for 1 or 2 way stretch knits and works with all kinds of knit weights. Silk knits, rayon knits, and cotton knits work well.

All Sizes Included. Sizes 1-4 & 5w-8w.

Click image at right to view line drawings and size chart.

$15.99 each
Plus Shipping & Handling

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